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Hosted Cloud Telephony

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The Tayo Telecom Advantage

Elevate your communication capabilities with Tayo Telecom's Hosted Cloud Telephony Service. Seamlessly integrated and designed to scale, our system revolutionizes your business connectivity, optimizing operations for enhanced productivity and growth. Say goodbye to costly hardware investments and maintenance hassles, as our cloud-based system allows for comprehensive and cost-effective communication solutions. With Tayo Telecom, you benefit from unrivaled voice clarity, robust security, and an advanced feature set including call forwarding, auto attendants, and CRM integration - all available 24/7. Whether you're a small enterprise or a multinational corporation, our flexible telephony service adapts to your unique needs, empowering you to stay connected, collaborate effectively, and lead in your industry. Discover the future of communication with Tayo Telecom's Hosted Cloud Telephony Service.

When we say unlimited, we mean it!

Unlimited local and long-distance calling minutes

Unlimited international minutes

Unlimited SMS messaging

Unlimited toll-free incoming minutes

* To prevent abuse, please note that our unlimited policy is subject to a reasonable use clause.


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Call Forwarding

Call Recording

Unlimited Texting

Dynamic Caller ID

Smart Routing

Ring Groups



Local Numbers

IVR | Auto Attendants

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